Rodrigo Laddaga

Business Coach

Rodrigo Laddaga is an entrepreneur and a business coach in Mexico. In 2001 he started his first business, a digital signage company. After only one year in operation, a major Mexican corporation bought a significant interest in the company. Over a period of seven years, Rodrigo and his partners grew the company to 33 Million US Dollars in Revenue, and then sold the company.

Rodrigo is passionate about using his experience and knowledge to help other Spanish speaking entrepreneurs and small business owners create their own flourishing businesses. In 2007, Rodrigo and his partners started EMyth en Espanol with an exclusive license to deliver EMyth Programs within Mexico and the Spanish Speaking Market. In 2013 he added the Pumpkin Plan System to his company’s tool box. Rodrigo’s business advisory company is devoted to applying clear, step by step methods and the most effective business building tools to give small businesses in Mexico and Latin America the knowledge and resources they need in order to grow and thrive.