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4 Ways to Be Successful in a World of Failure


There’s no shortage of people in the world out there trying to be successful. There is however, a big gap between those who try and those who succeed.

Napoleon Hill once wrote that the key to success is to use “proven success formulas”. If you study what really successful people do over and over, then you start to do the same things, almost by default you’ll begin to get the same results.

So let’s take a look at what world’s most successful people do. Do they….

  • Work themselves into the ground?
  • Ignore self-care?
  • Jump into the day and start getting “busy”?
  • Ignore their goals or never set them at all?

No. They don’t.

But here are 4 things successful people DO practice.

#1 Personal Responsibility

They take full responsibility for where they are in life. It’s easy to blame family, friends, peers, situations, location, resources, and more for a perceived lack of success, but the hard reality is, it’s on them.

This can be tough for many of us to accept, but when you do, it will set you free. A quote by Brian Tracy sums it up:

“Success is not an accident.  Failure is not an accident either.  You are where you are and what you are because of yourself, because of your own thinking and behavior.”

To succeed in a world full of failure, own where you are at, take responsibility for your future, and know you have the power to change any situation or circumstance.

#2 Big Picture Thinking

In today’s world we are bombarded on a daily basis. There is never a shortage of things to do, decisions to make, stuff to organize, and tasks to complete. Taking time to simply sit and think about what we really want in life isn’t a necessity, so it gets pushed aside.

However, the most successful people regularly take time for “big picture” thinking. It’s setting aside time to visualize, meditate, or just ponder what they really want to accomplish in life. It’s letting the junk clear from the mind and allowing their intuition to come through.

Successful people make time in their life, to create their life.

#3 Choose Success

Success is a choice. Successful people know this. But it’s not always an easy one. They know this too.

We come into this world pre-programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. This serves us well but only to a point. Sometimes the right decision involves short term pain to get long term pleasure and this has a tremendous effect on our level of success.

Ever lost weight? It’s pretty painful to choose healthy foods in the short term, but as you stick with it the results begin feeling pretty good. Stepping on the scale and seeing your ideal weight is amazing.

Successful people get clear on the ways in which they sabotage themselves, and then begin making the tough choice to choose success in their daily actions. A common saying is: short term pain for long term gain.

Successful people are willing to suffer in the present, so they can savor in the future.

#4 Set Goals

In the book, Get Smart by Brian Tracy he writes:

“Only about 3 percent of people have clear, specific, written goals and plans that they work on each day. The other 97 percent have hopes, dreams, wishes, and fantasies, but not goals. And the great tragedy is that they don’t know the difference.”

Successful people know exactly how to set and achieve their goals. And they do it for every part of their life. When you are completely clear about what you want, then you can single-mindedly take steps to accomplish it.

Tracy goes on to explain, “Goals are the best antidote to “fuzzy thinking,” which is probably more responsible for frustration and failure than any other factor.”

Successful people have nurtured and developed their goal setting abilities over time until they become the most productive people on the planet.

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Article written by :
Jennifer Dawn
Jennifer Dawn is the founder of Jennifer Dawn Coaching, Best Planner Ever, and Success School. She’s a Certified Provendus Growth Academy Coach and a Mastery Level Profit First Certified Coach. She has built two multi-million dollar businesses, is a published author, and accomplished speaker. Jennifer is dedicated to empowering women globally to lead effective and joyful daily lives. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and three children, enjoys riding her horse Hockey, and yoga keeps her sane.
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