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Be Your Own Rainmaker

A Rainmaker in the business world is someone who seems able to create new business and sign on new clients, almost by magic.  We say they have a gift or knack for finding business opportunities where others cannot – making it ‘rain’ money.  Or do they?

The original rainmakers came from a Native American tradition of engaging in a ritual of dance and song as a way of calling upon the Gods in prayer for rain for their crops during the hot, dry months.  The fact that there were instances where clouds seemed to magically come from nowhere and produce rain gave credence to the ritual.  It was then perceived that this ‘rainmaker’ had powers that others did not and the ritual continued.

We do the same in business.  There are people we tag and label as ‘rainmakers’ because of their seemingly magical ability, their gift of gab, their instant likability, their uncanny instincts and the smooth, powerful, convincing way in which they conduct themselves.  They bring on the business that the rest seem not to have access to and we anoint them…Rainmaker.   But this is pure projection and perception!

As an entrepreneur, my projection and perception for years was that others were more gifted or had been given some advantage that I had not.  I believed that others had more access to education because they had better genes, had more access to opportunities because of their connections or had more access to money because they came from money.  The real and deep-down belief was that they had some ‘magic’ that I did not.  Again…pure projection and perception.

There is no magic in attracting new clients, lucrative accounts and unlikely business opportunities.  Although, if you can master the ability, it may seem like magic.

The ability to succeed in business and make it ‘rain’ is quite simple – have an attitude of success and sound business strategies.

An attitude of success is nothing more than a regular, consistent and persistent belief that I/you will succeed…no matter what!  You’ve even heard some of the mantras:

  • Failure is not an option!
  • I have no Plan B because it distracts from Plan A!
  • I do what others will not so that I will have what others cannot!

One of my own is…

These are not just cool things to say and think; they are an absolute belief in the success that will follow.

Combine your confident attitude with sound business strategies – strategies that have been proven to bring success in business, and you too can make it rain. For example, The Pumpkin Plan, written by Mike Michalowicz, is a legitimate business strategy for creating colossal growth in your business.  Entrepreneurs with a success mindset who follow Mike’s strategy (actually learn and execute the strategies) do experience business growth and financial success.

So, as the Wizard of Oz might say to you today,  “Why, a rainmaker has no more ability to succeed in business than you.  What they’ve got that you haven’t got is an attitude of success and sound business strategies” – no magic!

Now it’s time for you to decide to be your own Rainmaker!

Article written by :
Robb Braun
Robb Braun is an accomplished Leadership Coach and Public Speaker. He has spent the past 25 years on a mission to empower business leaders to create work environments that foster employee greatness - motivation, loyalty, productivity, initiative and drive. Robb works with progressive, energetic companies who want to stay relevant, and helps them to transform from surviving to thriving.
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4 Responses to Be Your Own Rainmaker

  1. Fred Pieplow says:

    What are some other ways to make rain? One person I know says they make rain by making one more call every day after they have already done ‘enough’.

    • Robb Braun Robb Braun says:

      Great question, Fred, and the ways are countless. First we must acknowledge are own ability to create a flow of money into our business and…DECIDE to do it! One of the things Michalowicz says is to make one small (thought out or strategic) adjustment and see what happens. Results? We build on it. None? We learn and make another small adjustment. If we are committed to this and are RELENTLESS in our efforts, we will make it rain! So Fred, your person is right on – one more phone call, one more blog post, read one more chapter in a book, WRITE one more chapter – one more action beyond reasonable.

  2. Dr. Sabrina says:

    I used to envy those rainmakers myself, until a mentor and colleague started calling me one. My secret: determination to figure out lead generation and conversion. I found people who knew how to do this and learned their systems. You make a good point about learning the strategies in the Pumpkin Plan to grow a colossal business. We can read some good strategy, but until we implement…

    • Robb Braun Robb Braun says:

      And that is the key to all of it, Sabrina – when we implement (take action), something happens…EVERY TIME! And conversely, when we don’t, well…nothing happens unless we happen to run into it. I’ll choose to more deliberate approach every time 🙂

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