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The Three Keys to Unlimited Growth

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The life of an entrepreneur is not always easy. You have a dream. You start a business. You experience some success, and then something stops your growth dead in it’s tracks. Perhaps you are not attracting new clients at the same rate as you were before (where did they all go?). Maybe you are experiencing a lot of price pressure (the downward kind). Or you might be at your maximum capacity, working crazy long hours but not really getting any further.

If this is the case, you might be missing one of the 3 keys to unlimited growth. You are not operating in your Sweet Spot!

This week, I had the distinct honor of being the guest on the high energy, tell it like it is, Profit First Podcast. I invite you to click on over and hear all about how you can identify your Sweet Spot and set your business up for colossal growth!

Profit First Episode 47: Growing a Colossal Business with Donna Leyens


Article written by :
Donna Leyens
Donna Leyens is an entrepreneur, a Certified Professional Business Coach, and has an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. She is the co-founder and President of Provendus Group, a team of business strategists who use cutting edge business techniques to help entrepreneurial companies that have stopped growing, to break through the plateau and start expanding again.
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