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Don’t be a Go-Getter! Instead, Go-Give Your Way To Success

I recently read the Go-Giver, a short book that packs a powerful message. The book is written as a parable by Bob Burg and John David Mann. In today’s world, where it seems that many people are out to maximize their own benefit first, the authors of this book set forth a philosophy that is the exact opposite of that approach, but completely in line with my own.

Using their “Five Laws of Stratospheric Success,” Burg and Mann illustrate how helping others be successful, meeting other people’s needs, even benefiting a competitor (if it means helping a customer with something you cannot provide) ultimately lead to long-term success for you. If you have an attitude of giving to others, it will come back to you multi-fold.

For some, the Go-Giver might seem a little too nice and neat, with all the plot lines tied up in a bow by the last page. You might wonder, does reading such a story really lead anyone to believe that this attitude can lead to ultimate success? I hope so!

Every business is in the service business because every business is run by people. Products and services that companies buy and sell often tend to look alike. It is the interaction with the company, and the service that individual customers receive that often makes the difference, setting one business apart from the other.

How one feels about the transaction is just as important as the transaction itself. When you are doing business with a company, would you rather deal with a go-getter or a go-giver? When someone is doing business with your company, what feeling do they walk away with? Never forget, it’s how you make them feel that they will remember!

I read this book after a new business acquaintance, Rob, sent it to me. Through his act of sending me the book, Rob has shown me an example of Go–Giving. I am now always on the lookout for Go-Giving opportunities.

Do you believe in the go-giving philosophy? What can you Go-Give today?


Article written by :
Fred Pieplow
Fred Pieplow is a business strategist who uses his talent for asking highly impactful questions to help businesses understand how each decision impacts their cash, the lifeblood of their company. He is passionate about uncovering hidden opportunities that create explosive business growth. In 2009 Fred was named a "Michigan Entrepreneur of Distinction" by Corp! Magazine.
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6 Responses to Don’t be a Go-Getter! Instead, Go-Give Your Way To Success

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for sharing this book and the philosophy, Fred. I like to consider myself a go-giver! I give for the sake of giving, I try to be helpful whenever I can. And I hope that this is how people see me. If you run your business from the same attitude – then you will create a brand that your clients and prospects love to love!

  2. Rodrigo Laddaga says:

    Great comment Fred! It is really a continous fight that everybody goes trough, very often the financial goals of the business makes you forget abou this básic but very, very important things. At the end we come to this life to serve others as many ways as we can, I believe that this is ONE of the keys to live a fulfillment life.

    • Fred Pieplow Fred Pieplow says:

      Thanks Rodrigo. I also believe that fulfillment comes from helping people. The first thing I do when I get down in the dumps is to look for someone to help – and the dumps always seem to disappear.

  3. Dr. Sabrina says:

    I was fortunate enough to get to read this book early on in my business and host a book discussion about it. While the book itself made an impression on me, it was hearing other business owners share their experiences with go-giving that made a lasting impression. I am a giver by nature. This book gave me permission to be the best of me. It repeatedly comes back to me in the most surprising ways. Just today, I had an unexpected “gift” appear for my garden–a trailer full of mulch!

    By the way, one of my clients shared a powerful question after reading this book: What’s in it FROM me?

  4. Fred Pieplow Fred Pieplow says:

    What’s in it FROM me? Great question. Greater attitude! My experience is, those activities I put half an effort into get less than hoped for results. If we all made sure our effort was right, our results will surely reflect the attitude.

  5. Rodrigo Laddaga says:

    Great comment Fred! very often when we are running our business, with the day by day problems and operations, we forget the essentials of business and life. I believe that we are here to serve others, to give ourselves and that has to be part of our business core values.

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