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Are you frustrated because your clients pay you good money to advise them, and yet they don’t take your advice?

  • Do your clients agree to take action, and then fail to follow through?
  • Do you encounter resistance to your suggestions, and you are not sure how to get your clients to take action?
  • Do you want to move into an advisory role, but you’re not sure where to begin?
  • Would you like to learn or brush up on the coaching skills that create forward movement for you clients?

 If you answered YES to any of the above, then Coach with Confidence for Strategic Advisers is the program for you!

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Over the course of 10 weeks, we will explore some very powerful tools that will enhance the way you communicate with your clients as well as your friends and family – that’s the bonus – your newfound communication skills work in all walks of life – creating a deeper connection, better understanding and better results.

Join this course to learn:

  • How to talk about your role as a strategic advisor, how to enroll an advisory client in your program, and how to package and price it. This involves a shift from fee for services, to a value based approach
  • Basic but powerful communication tools that will melt away resistance and enable your clients to really hear and absorb what you are telling them
  • Common roadblocks to change and how to remove them
  • How to help your clients set goals and be accountable, creating real results
  • How you can leverage your time and resources with group coaching and repeatable coaching system

The bottom line – all of these tools will help you to co-create more success with your clients, turn them into loyal fans, and lead to more success in your own business.