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How to Find Your Unique Offering and Stand Out

Video cameraSeth Evans had an ordinary business doing freelance video production for local businesses. The competition was tough, and differentiating his business was even tougher. After all, everyone in the industry claimed to be “the best.” He wasn’t excited about his business, because besides struggling to compete, he felt very little sense of purpose.


Even when he landed clients, the difficulties didn’t stop there. Because they served many different types of businesses, everything they did was custom. There was no process or system, making it very hard to scale.

Then Seth discovered The Pumpkin Plan, and everything changed.

He set out on a journey to find his Business Sweet Spot. The first thing he and his partner did was identify their Top Clients. They realized that if they could focus on one industry, they could create better systems, find their best clients more easily, create a truly Unique Offering and serve them better. They chose to focus on the Real Estate Industry, and more specifically, listing agents.

Once they defined their client niche, they were able to conduct Wish List Interviews with their Top Clients. This is where they found the gold.

Wish List Interview

Before the interviews, Seth’s company had been focused on delivering a product – a finished video – to their clients. But when he interviewed his clients, he learned that most of his clients had something in common. They lacked a strategy for using the videos to achieve their goals. Light bulb moment! Suddenly, his entire mindset shifted.

Instead of delivering a product, Seth’s company would deliver results!

They would no longer just create high quality videos, they would create videos that solved their clients’ biggest problems. Today Seth’s company, now called Foster Social, provides an entire social media advertising strategy that connects their Real Estate clients to new customers using video.

What happened next? The majority of their prospects went from saying “no thank you” to “where do I sign?”

The key is that instead of trying to figure out how to sell video production to clients, Seth figured out what their clients’ biggest problem was, and how his company could deliver a service to solve that problem.

In focusing on solving the specific problems of a specific niche, Foster Social was able to create a truly Unique Offering, that their Top Clients want and need. They looked hard, and could not find one other company that was packaging their services in the same way as Foster Social is now. They stand out.

Before Pumpkin Planning, Seth felt like he was in a tailspin. He had no clear goals, and no clear sense of the value that he was offering his clients. The company had no systems and the business was not scalable. The “business” was really a job. Today, Seth has a clear vision, he has goals, he knows what makes his business unique, he has systems in place to deliver that unique offering and he knows the value that he brings to his clients. He’s gone from feeling lackluster about his business to feeling excited about what’s ahead.

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Article written by :
Donna Leyens
Donna Leyens is an entrepreneur, a Certified Professional Business Coach, and has an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. She is the co-founder and President of Provendus Group, a team of business strategists who use cutting edge business techniques to help entrepreneurial companies that have stopped growing, to break through the plateau and start expanding again.
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3 Responses to How to Find Your Unique Offering and Stand Out

  1. Matt says:

    Hello, I like the article and I am working my plan for this.

    Can you provide a process how they interviewed their customers? How many customers did they interviewed before they found common issues/challenges that made realize, we need to change how we offer our services?

    What are the best ways or suggestions to get the customers to give feedback? They are too busy is the common answer when I ask to interview.

    • Donna Leyens Donna Leyens says:

      Matt, these are great questions! The process is outlined in the book The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. We also discuss it in this blog post:

      Keep in mind that you need to first determine who your BEST clients are, and only interview them. If you interview a range of clients including those who you wouldn’t want to replicate, you will get information that might lead you down a path of catering to your worst clients instead of your best.

      Regarding how to get your clients to talk to you, put the focus on serving them better, and frame the request in that light. If they are your best customers and they like you, they will want to talk to you about how you can better serve them.

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