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Is Your Sales Policy Holding You Back?

Sales is the lifeblood of your business. You probably have incentives and motivational programs in place to encourage your sales force to sell more of your product or service. Perhaps you invest in ongoing training and support. But what if … Read more

How to Say “No” When it’s Not So Simple

I often find myself discussing the importance of saying “no” with busy, stressed out business owners. In fact, just the other day, one of my Provendus peers was coaching me through a tough decision and he reminded me of the … Read more

Are You Using Your Small Business Communication Advantage?

It is amazing how many small businesses do not take advantage of having a small staff in one office. If they don’t communicate regularly with their employees, small businesses will have the same problems with misunderstandings and miscommunication as large, … Read more

Revenue And Profit Are Two Very Different Things

Top Line Versus Bottom Line

Ask almost any business owner how much money their business makes and they will talk about the top line. We made $5 million this year!  I raked in $7.6 million! We squeaked out $2 million.  The truth is, that is … Read more

Don’t be a Go-Getter! Instead, Go-Give Your Way To Success

I recently read the Go-Giver, a short book that packs a powerful message. The book is written as a parable by Bob Burg and John David Mann. In today’s world, where it seems that many people are out to maximize … Read more

When Overwhelm Sets In – Three Steps for Getting Out

If you are running a company or leading an organization, you are faced with the daily demands of business and…you are probably working to perfect your craft, may have the demands of raising or taking care of a family and/or are … Read more

Pivoting – Don’t Make This Mistake!

The current buzz word for adapting your business to the needs of your customers is “pivot.”  This concept is nothing new, of course.  Terms used in the past for the same idea include “change,” “adapt,” “shift,” and so on. Yet, … Read more

What is a Customer? 7 Simple Mindset Shifts for Stellar Customer Service

Often, when absorbed in the business of serving others, we can lose sight of why we do what we do. If you want to deliver the best customer service, the kind that creates unwavering customer loyalty, start by asking yourself the question, … Read more

The Ancient Art of Leadership

The philosophy of leadership has been written about almost since the beginning of recorded history. I am always amazed at how the basics of leadership are the same today as they were centuries ago. In his book The Conviction to … Read more

Step it Up

“That’s not how we do things around here. You need to step it up!” Imagine overhearing one of your employees saying this to another employee. How nice would it be to have your employees holding one another accountable to high … Read more

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