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Your Business Is As Fast As The Slowest Part of The Process

Every business, whether it is an insurance company or a manufacturer, an auto mechanic or service provider, goes through a process, a sequence of activities and steps to deliver it’s product or service. If you repair cars, you need to … Read more

When Should I Sell My Business?

It is one of the most frequent questions I hear from tired entrepreneurs – you know, the people who are tired of working yet another day in their business. They want out. They want out soon. And they want it … Read more

Small Business Finances: Myth vs. Reality

After many years of working with thousands of Small Businesses, I have noticed that finance is often an área of weakness for small business owners. They say that the language of business is finance, but unfortunately, most small businesses do not … Read more

Boost Sales – with LESS Cost & LESS Effort

Managing your sales activities to focus on the most profitable customers and products is key to the success of your business. In his book, 80 / 20 Sales & Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less & Earning More, Perry … Read more

What source of Cash is Right for Your Business?

Anyone who has been in ownership or management of a growing business understands the dilemmas the business faces as it reaches various milestones.  It may be that you need a bigger facility; or you need bigger and faster equipment; or … Read more

Think Small For Big Results

  I recently had the privilege of speaking at a Tedx event in Hoboken NJ.  My workshop was called “think small to make a big difference in the world.” As a business owner, I know what it’s like to have … Read more

Best Tips for Staying Productive During the Holidays

It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and you’re at work, even if it seems like no one else is. If your business is quiet during this week, we have polled our business experts for you and culled the … Read more

Get Great Employees Coming Your Way

When there is high competition for exceptional employees and a limited talent pool, rural business owners need innovative methods to attract great employees. Employee referral incentive programs offer an effective way to recruit some of the best talent available through … Read more

Multiplier Magic – Increasing the Value of Your Business

Every business will experience a change in ownership eventually.  The more planning you do with this in mind, the better your chances of maximizing the value of your business. One of the common ways of determining the value of a … Read more

The One Question You Should Never Leave Out Of Your Customer Surveys

We all know that customer surveys are an important and useful tool. They help assure that we are offering a good product or service. They reveal areas for improvement in our business. But like many things in small business, conducting … Read more

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