About Us

“We believe entrepreneurs and business leaders are saving the world. Our job is to save them!”

Mike Michalowicz and Donna Leyens founded Provendus Group with a common vision.

That vision is based on the idea that entrepreneurship is the ultimate vehicle for creativity, innovation and self expression. And we believe that entrepreneurial companies will fuel the future growth of the American economy.

Entrepreneurship = Creativity + Innovation + Self Expression

But we also know that most entrepreneurs struggle. They struggle to make it past the start-up phase, with only 20% of all start ups still in business 5 years later. Many of those companies that do survive are still struggling. They might look good on paper, bringing in a million dollars or more in revenue each year, but in reality, they are barely profitable, the founder/owner is working 24/7 to keep the business going, and what got them to that point is not getting them any further. That’s where we come in.


Entrepreneurship gives people the ability to create their own destiny, and everyone deserves that chance. We started Provendus Group to be the catalyst that enables entrepreneurs to successfully create their own destiny and fulfill their own American Dream.

More than a decade of research and hands on experience has led Provendus Group to develop a unique program specifically designed to ignite explosive growth in companies that have hit a plateau. Our proprietary system allows us to identify what’s already working in your business and capitalize on that to build momentum. Our partnership approach to your business enables us to deliver clear, executable, results driven strategy customized to the specifics of your company. And, yes, we work hand-in-hand with you to make it a reality.